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Why I started this website 

My own interest in this subject comes from a number of places. For one, I’ve worked for almost twenty years as a performer and consultant in International Schools and have become interested in the stories told to me by children and adults about identity and adjustment. Since I believe in ‘writing from what you know’, I felt it was important to provide a site where people could write about these and other related issues. In the States, I’ve worked with children from many immigrant communities. I’ve noticed a similarity between the stories they tell and those told by children and adults in the International Community and wanted to find a way that each group’s stories could be shared with one another.

I’ve also long been interested in the how the ideas of national, racial, ethnic ‘purity’ are breaking down as a new definition of Global Citizenry is emerging. I feel that Third Culture adults and children are ‘canaries in the mine’, in that they are experiencing an early stage of this larger cultural/demographic shift. I wanted this website to be a place where the young and the old could share their thoughts about this new identity.

In my limited travels I too, have noticed and been embarrassed/surprised by many mistakes I’ve made because of my lack of knowledge of cultural differences. For instance…

  • Handing out business cards in China respectfully with two hands rather than showing one at someone.
  • Greeting someone with a polite ‘Good morning’, in Quito before asking a question or in my case, demanding something.
  • Drinking tea in Islamic countries before conducting business rather than saying as I have said inappropriately, ‘What’s this cost?’
  • Interpreting the minions who come to my side in India as impolite rather than merely trying to be helpful and curious.

There are some funny stories out there and I want to laugh and learn! I guess that is another reason I started this web site.

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