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Contributions from teens

Welcome to your space to share what it's like to be a teenager who travels from country to country.

sofiaMs. McCarty's (IB English Literature Instructor/Creative Writing) Grade 9 and 10 Creative Writing Class with Marc Levitt in the middle, Anglo-American School in Sofia, Bulgaria. Please scroll down for 7 stories from this school. Thanks for being inspired and for inspiring others with your work!


Click here for a special section of stories from The American International School of Johannesburg written in the spring 2011 after Marc Levitt's visit.

Returning Home
by Melody, 13 years old, Qatar Academy Sidra
When I got home a sense of relief hit me, it was raining and I hadn’t seen or even heard the pitter pattering of rain since March. Also, I could finally see my family again, and I hadn’t physically seen them in 5 months, it was rough and that was one of the main reasons why I wanted to go... read more

Weird Woman
by Sara, 13 years old, Qatar Academy Sidra
I woke up that morning feeling like every other day. But today was different, it was my birthday, I was turning ten, “the big number”. I was expected to feel different, like I’m older. But in fact I felt just like I felt yesterday and the day before “Normal”. I go downstairs waiting for so... read more

by Randa, 13 years old, Qatar Academy Sidra
If you ever were going to become a third culture kid you are probably going to feel nervous and scared about what you are going to face but, me as a 5th grader, I was very optimistic excited all the new things I was going to see. But, that all changed when I looked out the window on the pl... read more

Coming to the Middle East
by Djuan, 14 years old, Qatar Academy Sidra
My story is about moving to the United Arab Emirates a little over 2 years ago. Now to clarify in the U.S and many other western nations men and women are allowed to party together casually and it is a normal action without second thought. One of my mom's coworkers invited our family to he... read more

Moving from Pakistan to Qatar
by Ayesha, 13 years old, Qatar Academy Sidra
When I moved from Pakistan to Qatar Life was not that easy because moving meant changing houses, friends, people, environment and most challenging changing schools. This can be very hard for people like me. I remember this happened about 5 to 6 years ago when i was 7. When i arrived at the... read more

Old to New
by Marjorie, 12 years old, Qatar Academy Sidra
As I landed in the Benazir Bhutto International Airport; i was happy, =scared, and sad. I had to leave the place I had called home for 6 years and move to a completely different place. I took a step out of the airport doors, it was dark but it was hot, stuffy, and humid. I had finally seen... read more

Being Third Culture Can Be hard
by Felix, Grade 7, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
My name is Felix and I am twelve. The story of being a third culture kid can be a bit hard. I was born in Sweden, but I only lived there for two years until I moved to Moscow in Russia. I lived there for five whole years. I didn’t speak Russian or English because it would be too hard for m... read more

Lost Friends
by Artemia, Grade 7, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
I was moving from my AAS in Moscow to another country, Romania. Honestly, I had not even known where it was, and even that it existed. I was in fourth grade at the time, and probably should have known about it at the time, but I was too busy with my best friends and my homework to be bothe... read more

Third Culture Story
by Daria, Grade 7, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
When people ask me about where I’m from I think about it for a moment. I could say that I’m from Lake Barrington, Illinois, which was where I was born. But I never really lived there so I don’t know if it’s true or not. I could also say I’m from Chicago, which is where my mother was born a... read more

Where is Home?
by Josephine, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
Since I was born I have lived in four different countries, gone to eight different schools and have moved houses five times. When someone asks me where I am from or what nationality I usually say that I am French and English because my mum is English and my dad is French but I have lived i... read more

Third Culture Story
by Katya, Grade 7, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
Kiev is my home, the place I have lived most of my life. I have lived in very few places, However, the majority of my life I've spent here. I have lived here for such a long time I don’t know many other places that I feel as welcomed in then in Kiev. I moved back and forth a few times. I... read more

Library Third Culture Story
by Lea, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
Oh great. A classroom full of screaming children, all my age. Their uniforms were untucked, their clothes frilled and their hair wild. The room was fairly small, four tables set up in the middle of the room, metal closets at the back, and a large whiteboard in the front of the room. The... read more

My Story
by Lena, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
I've always known I've lived my life in Ukraine, Kiev, but I don't know where exactly I was born. My parents told me I was born in Kiev, but I don't think it's true because when my mom was pregnant we stayed in Crimea and I might of been born there, but they say it's Kiev. But, I believe I... read more

Who Are You?
by Maria, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
Every time I am asked where I am from, I always give the same answer: I am originally from Russia, but I live in Kiev. I consider Kiev my home, the place where I’m from, a place where I feel like I am most welcomed. I moved here at the age of 4, so I don’t really remember living anywhere e... read more

Who Are You?
by Masha, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
A lot of people ask me where I'm from. It makes me think about it because It is really confusing. It is a bit complicated since my mom is half Polish and half Ukrainian and my grandma lived in Poland and it's where my mom was born. And, my Dad is Russian and Polish, but he was born in Ukra... read more

Where are You from?
by Robert, Grade 7, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
Sometimes I say I'm from Finland because I came from Finland to Ukraine but I was born in Russia(Moscow). Sometimes I don’t know what to say because I was born in Russia but I'm from Finland and I don’t know what I should say. So I say always I'm from Finland because Finland is my favori... read more

Who Are You?
by William, Grade 7, Pechersk School International in Kyiv
I have always had a bit of trouble deciding exactly where I am from. I was born in the Philippines but I always say I am from the United States because of my American passport but I never know what state to say either. I lived in Virginia which is on the east coast of the United States but... read more

Where Are You From?
by Daniel C., 8 Grade, American School of Doha
I have a bit of a problem telling people where I’m from. I sometimes just say Beloit, Wisconsin, where my dad is from. If that doesn’t fly, I say I’m from Massachusetts, where my mom was born. Most of the time, though, my brain stalls. I’m not able to think of anything. I’m left there ... read more

Third Culture Poem
by Despina K., Anglo-American School in Sofia
”What do you think about moving?” they asked
-”It will be fun….new experiences, new friends. I’ll be fine” I answered
First day, first impressions and so much pressure
and that’s when I realised… that i didn’t know how to…
I didn’t know how to make new friends<... read more

by Caroline R., Anglo-American School in Sofia
“Goodbye”; the island was telling me.
But no, I didn’t want to say goodbye.
Not to the palms,
Or to the sea,
Not to the Waves,
Or to the wind.
I couldn’t say goodbye.
My friends were sobbing but so was I…
The tears came rolling in bal... read more

My Country’s Just a Place
by Rebecca S., Anglo-American School in Sofia
The taxi driver
in his old yellow
cab driving, smiles
his fake tired
smile and in
an accented
voice turns
to us standing
and asks like
so many before
where we’re
from, since
we speak
english, since ... read more

Todo El Mundo Es Un Lugar Común
by Kristian R., Anglo-American School in Sofia
You peered through the window
that one spring day
And all that I could offer
Were my allergies and past.
You greeted across the table
that one winter day
And all that responded
was what I knew.
You listened to me disclaim
that one summer day ... read more

The World
by Nadia D., Anglo-American School in Sofia
?????? ?????. My soul is an amalgam –
From orthodox cathedrals to catholic basilicas,
From Portugal wine cellars to Greek theaters,
From rivers that wriggle under old bridges,
J’aime le monde. The people that wish upon lucky gardens with fountains…
Colorful, diff... read more

by Thalia I., Anglo-American School in Sofia
As I grew older
I began to ponder

“Where am I from”

Is it the Sonora desert
or is it the City?
filled with communist buildings

Is it the place

where I was born
or is it the place

read more

Forever Wander
by Galina, Anglo-American School in Sofia
I have shattered the fishbowl
where I was born,
and ran over the boundaries
my nationality imposed.
Please, don’t ask me
where I’m from.
I must decide that on my own
But not today,
Still,... read more

Boarding School
by Mihail T, Anglo-American School in Sofia
Switzerland! What a wonderful country.
With the birds singing and the cows mooing. Or,
At least that’s what I thought.
Yes, that’s what I thought.

As our car came around the last bend,
disappointment struck me.
The wooden little houses bunched ... read more

Slipping through Fingers
by Boyana D., Anglo-American School in Sofia
Water droplets
Slip through my fingers
and turn into streams in my palm,
My wet, silky hair
Slips through the water
and turns into waterfalls
I twirl fabric round my fingers
and buttons and pens-
I twiddle with wires
and they slip past my fi... read more

by Wolk C., Graded, Sao Paolo
I have been discriminated In Brazil many times. It really feels bad because it just makes you want to cry. In the US, my home country, it was bad, but, here in Brazil it's even worse. People just come up to you and ask about your religion and I'd say x and they would say: “you can't be th... read more

Leaving Johannesburg for Sao Paulo
by D.H.S., Graded, Sao Paolo
Once upon a time, in a place where foreigners thought that there were lions in your backyard; In one of the greatest and hottest places ever. I mean the hottest. I swear it was really hot. It was a sunny afternoon; It was South Africa. So, I was in the car crying on my way to AISJ (America... read more

In Brazil...
by Jonathan P., Graded, Sao Paolo
I have not changed my opinion on my home country: I love it just the same. I wish that I could go back sometimes and see my friends. It would be fun and I miss going and having family within driving distance. I miss my home in California and the beach that was only 5 minutes from my house.... read more

My Best Friend Leaves
by G.C., Lincoln International School, Ghana
“You know, I’m leaving Ghana at the end of the year,” said my best friend Henry. I remember the words like he said them yesterday. I didn’t believe him. I would let out laugh, often purposely, just waiting for him to laugh with me. But he never did. It took my until the last week to realiz... read more

Where am I from?
by F.C., International School of Curitiba
My parents, both, were born in country A. When I was born, they were living in country B, where I came to life. After five years or so, we all moved to country C. I suffered very much, had sleeping problems which lasted for years after the change and had few true friends in my new home. Af... read more

Conflicted by Politics
by Kareem J., American International School of Muscat
Yes I have and I feel conflicted all the time. Every time Isreal decides to attack in “self defense” on Lebanon or Palestine or anywhere else in the Middle East I am always in the USA. This really affects me because my grandfather from my mother’s side really hates the Middle East be... read more

War Firsthand
by Sari, American International School of Muscat
Have you ever felt conflicted by politics/war between a couple of countries where you had lived?
In my lifetime I have witnessed many wars through the screen of my TV and computer, and have seen explosions up close. Since I was born ( 1993) there have been numerous wars, an... read more

Something Big: My Move and My Cat
by Christiana, American International School of Muscat
When I first came to Qatar I knew something big was going to happen. Well, it wasn't that big of a deal, but it affected my life.
I love animals. It never hit me that they could actually die though. I just always thought that they would be there for me. Yo... read more

Returning to the USA
by Michael, American International School of Muscat
The summer I turned twelve my parents announced that we were moving to the Middle East. Actually, they told me on my birthday. Now you might think this was extremely cruel, but they provided an incentive for me to feel better (apparently my price is $150). I had lived in a small Texas town... read more

The Pondok Indah Go-Carting Alley
by SSR, American School of Bombay
My parents and I moved to Jakarta and found out about the go-carting alley after 6 months. My mom told me to try playing over there and I did agree when I saw the go-carts which I could drive. The first few times, I went on my own to practice. This was a very great experience, when the lig... read more

First Crush
by T. I., American International School of Muscat
My first crush came at around 8th grade. We were in almost every single class together. The classes were chosen by the councilor, so there was nothing I could do about it. It was like fate was playing around with my life, which was okay because I was very happy to have seen and met her. I ... read more

Living through my memories
by N.K., American International School of Muscat
My eyes squeezed open and the truth of where I was shook my body wrenching it out of its sleeping refuge. My aching legs dragged me out of my makeshift residence for the night; my middle aisle, economy class: seat. The hustle of passengers surrounding me made it all seem ordinary to them, ... read more

In the city
by T.B., American Int'l School of Zagreb
I slipped into my shoes and leaped out of the front door. I headed down the road to the nearest bus stop, and then waited patiently on the bench. I never liked waiting for the bus because the bus driver always was laid back. It felt like the bus would never come at this rate. When the bus ... read more

The first day I’ve heard real metal & etc…
by H. Jun K., American International School of Muscat
When I first came to Oman, I wasn’t that musical. Band and Choir was no that interesting to me for couple of months. Actually, I was trying to survive in this new type of concrete jungle. New places, new people and new environment. I was vulnerable. I was a perfect victim of those sorority... read more

Going Back to Oman
by E.G., American International School of Muscat
First day of school, what else can I say. I woke up in the morning wanting just a few more minutes of sleep, since I spent that night trying to decide on what to wear.
While taking a shower I began to think what this day would turn out to be. Would it turn into a huge reunion w... read more

1st Move
by Naomie G., American International School of Muscat
After we finally got all our million suitcases and luggage out of the van, we stood in front of the airport doors in the departures area. Tears were running down our faces as we said our final goodbyes to our affable neighbors, who kindly gave us a ride to the airport. We gave each other w... read more

My First Kiss
by Rami M., American International School of Muscat
It was a Thursday afternoon in the middle of April. I was invited to meet with the girl of my dreams at her best friend’s house. She was about one hundred and sixty five centimeters with shining long blonde hair that would shine like a star. Her eyes were as azure as the Mediterranea... read more

My First...
by Khaled B., American International School of Muscat
Break time in school was the time that all the kids liked. Everyone just loved to run out of the classroom at the sound of that bell and start kicking balls around, swinging on the swings, and even hang on the monkey bars in their little groups of friends. Everyone was running around ... read more

First Girlfriend
by Eric, American International School of Muscat
I never thought my first girlfriend would be a foreigner specifically a French/American girl. Before when I was younger I some how thought a Filipino person like me would not get a girl from a different race. I do not know why I thought like that, maybe because I rarely see any Filipinos w... read more

The place
by S.O., American School of Bombay
After all these years I’ve been waiting for this view to appear in front of me which vanished 7 years ago. I walked out of the car immediately and ran to the football pitch.
7 years ago I was in Japan living in a house just near a kindergarten school where the football ground was loc... read more

by BK. B, American School of Bombay
When I got off the plane, stench blew in my face. Stench, it wasn’t just a bad smell that normal people talk about, it was the smell of people who were new. I didn’t know what was happening since I took the plane from Korea. It happened so quickly and I thought I was having a flashback dre... read more

India: Land of Wonders
by D.J.E., American School of Bombay
Two months ago my dad came back home from India. I asked him how he liked it in India. All he said was that it was cool. The place I used to live in was Louisiana, USA. It’s a small quiet town with many things to do. The house I lived in was small but very nice with a swimming pool at the ... read more

by T.H., American School of Bombay
Losing my mind watching TV, I was eating some pie, when all of a sudden boom the door flies open and my dad says that its definite that were leaving México. I was going to India it felt strange to know that I would finally stop smelling the filthy air of Mexico which would stick to my nose... read more

by O.PG.L, American School of Bombay
“Nooo,” I said pulling my mom “I don’t want to go in” you may say that is quite common, yes when I was small, when I had to visit something, I was like that. I would do anything to tell my parents I didn’t want to go, I would even write hundreds of paper saying “no to temples” and put them... read more

An unbelievable winter
by F.L., American School of Bombay
I remember it was a Saturday morning when it happened, fresh raisin rolls getting crispy in the oven. After eleven hours of sleep, and a nice freezing shower, I was ready for a terrific 12 hours of football, 1 and a half hours of watching football, 29 minutes of eating and the left over mi... read more

A Nostalgic Visit
by E.P., American School of Bombay
I had just landed in Ireland after two years of being away, I had already talked to many friends but I did not expect any of what I was going to see. Of course my dad had been here a lot for business and work but since he was now half the time in India we had moved there and I hadn’t seen ... read more

Forgotten Memories
by A. R., American School of Bombay
How long? How long, had it been since I had last been here? The answer flashed through my mind like a bright red siren. 3 years. Three long years. It hadn’t felt like a big deal when I first found out that we were moving. Sure, I would have to leave my friends and move to a new school, but... read more

7th Grade
by A.S., American School of Bombay
Tick, tock, tick tock…BRING!
“Hurry, up! Get up!” my sister shouted at me while shaking me rapidly. “It’s the first day of school and I don’t wanna be late. Now get up!”
“Ok, ok. I’m coming” I said calming her down. I walked out of my room and into the bathroom. I had a shower a... read more

by M.N., 7 Grade, American School of Bombay
As all you know moving is more than just moving to another place. It is leaving your friends, family, and your home. But these are the negatives. Some of the positives are that you will see new culture; new home, new country, new school and everything will be just like an enormous adventu... read more

The Army Plane Ride
by Nadia N., American International School of Muscat
I didn’t know what to expect, it was something thrilling, and it certainly didn’t look like the average plane that everyone goes on for their summer and winter holidays. It was camouflage, a light murky green, a muddy brown and, a dusty beige. We were some of the first people on the plane,... read more

by C. S.A.J., American International School of Muscat
I had to wake up really early to a windy, chilly morning but because I had to leave my friends and cousins. The wind and atmosphere felt as chilly as toilet seat left under the air conditioner. I remember waking up to a busy house; it felt like we were in a market place. My mom was multita... read more

Personal Story
by Mate V., American International School of Muscat
He got in the cab with unease. The driver smiled politely and asked, with a strong, Arabic accent where the destination is. Mark answered quietly, then the driver started up the car with a jolly grin and started down the road. The taxi soon turned onto the main road. The lamps along the ... read more

The first day I’ve heard real metal & etc…
by H.J. K., American International School of Muscat
When I first came to Oman, I wasn’t that musical. Band and Choir was no that interesting to me for couple of months. Actually, I was trying to survive in this new type of concrete jungle. New places, new people and new environment. I was vulnerable. I was a perfect victim of those sorority... read more

1st Move
by Naomie G., Grade 10, American International School of Muscat
After we finally got all our million suitcases and luggage out of the van, we stood in front of the airport doors in the departures area. Tears were running down our faces as we said our final goodbyes to our affable neighbors, who kindly gave us a ride to the airport. We gave each other w... read more

No Place Like Home
by M.M., American School of Bombay
Finally, with my younger brother at my side, I walked out the arrival doors of the Australian Airport. The airport was massive, spotless, covered with dark colours like blue and black and felt toasty warm. I scanned all the faces in the airport for my grandparents’ franticly. This was the ... read more

Again, again and again
by M.Q., American School of Bombay
“No!” Was the first thing that had come out of my mouth when my Mum and Dad told me that I was moving, and I felt like I was glued to the spot. Being the new kid happens every time you move; it feels like there are butterflies fluttering around your stomach, and is something that almost ev... read more

Being the New Kid Many Times in the World
by A.B., American School of Bombay
I have been the “new kid in school” four times around the world; can you believe it! I joined Devonshire House Nursery in London in 1998. It is really weird because I was just 2 years old and I still remember the day vividly. From there we traveled to Scarsdale, New York. There I went to K... read more

New Kid
by A.B, American School of Bombay
Have you ever been the new kid at school? I had been living in Singapore for 7 years and one day when I was in grade 3; my parents told me we were moving to Mumbai. I really didn’t want to as then I would have to start all over again making friends, getting used to the school, the teachers... read more

Capturing the Past
by A.G., American School of Bombay
The shimmering, colorful, and glowing trees came and went. I was so glad we took out some time from our vacation in the states to visit the Native American Reservations. It was great being back, though different and saddening. It was different because we didn’t live here anymore, and ther... read more

My Memoir
by R. G. , American School of Bombay
“All passengers travelling to Mumbai, India are welcome to board the flight at the Air France Gate number 4. We will first board the first class passengers, if any, then the business class and the rows 23-43 and after that, the rows 44-54 and the rest of the plane. If you are traveling wit... read more

by N.G, American School of Bombay
I didn’t know that a place could change this much, until I returned. When I was about eight and I lived in England there was a pond near my house and I loved going there after school or on weekends so I could feed the ducks, left over pieces of bread. It was a big pond that had a lot of du... read more

Yes or No
by S. K., American School of Bombay
Travelling around the world – everyone says they want to do it someday, and I pretty much have done it. It’s not as easy as it sounds – getting on and off the plane, waiting in airports, sitting in cars – but it is worth it. My first real overseas “vacation” was to Turkey. Although we didn... read more

Shattered Friendships
by UK, American School of Bombay
Could one’s life be based upon an event? Could that event be so significant it would be inevitable to exclude that event in your life? What makes you, you? What event is the base foundation of your life? I ponder and descend into deep thought, struggling to obtain such an unreachable answ... read more

Lost, and behind story
by Y.J.K., American School of Bombay
Have you ever got lost? I have experienced being lost when I was 7, our family visited Malaysia for our vacation. My family was touring around the resort but I suddenly wanted to have tour by myself. The resort where we stayed was huge, I got lost.
However, I enjoyed getting lost becau... read more

Getting to Mumbai
by S.N., American School of Bombay
Ever since year 5 my parents were going on about moving to India. So when my dad said “oh, we may be moving to India…” I took as another false alarm. It went in and straight back out of my head. I told my friends but, I had told them exact same thing hundreds of times…none of them thought... read more

My Memoir
by M.P., American School of Bombay
I was dropping my bag off in my garage to go play outside. In the next 20 minutes a black Chrysler comes by. It was my dad. He had opened the car door and started grinning at my grandpa. He had posted an immense smile on his face. I thought maybe he got a promotion or won something. ... read more

Oh no it’s a plane!
by D.R., American School of Bombay
I never thought I would be on any flight in my life. I always thought I would be just a regular kid like all the others. This thought was immediately changed when my dad (Who was rather tall, skinny, with black hair and green eyes) came home from working outside of Israel, and said, “We a... read more

by S.S., American School of Bombay
About 5 years ago, when I was 8, my family I drove to Minneapolis with my brother, mom, and dad .It was home to the remarkable Mall of America. The memory is quite vague but an astonishing day. I was finally there! I couldn’t believe it, sitting in the car for so long finally paid off! “It... read more

Lost in an Amusement Park
by VS, American School of Bombay
When I sat in the plane I couldn’t feel how happy my cousins be when they see me because they had not seen me for a long time. When I was 6 years old I had gone to Antwerp to visit my family over there. After many tedious hours I finally landed at the Antwerp airport where my aunt was wait... read more

A Nightmare in the Mall
by S.T., American School of Bombay
Getting lost in a huge mall is a very weird kind a’ feeling. Wanna’ know how? Two years ago when I was 10 years old, my mom, my brother and I went to Toronto, Canada for a vacation, we first went to our hotel, and kept our luggage in the rooms. Then we decided to go to the Dufferin Mall, ... read more

Skating in the USA vs. Skating in India
by E.A., American School of Bombay
You’re probably thinking: what the heck is this kid saying? Well, what I mean is that each person is different in their own special way. People here are a bit more surprised to see a skater doing tricks down the streets of Mumbai, spinning their wheels with perfected talent than in the U.S... read more

Lost… Again!
by E. W., American School of Bombay
Anyone about to head into the next state unwillingly would probably be frozen with fear in their seat. Well, getting lost in a place that you have never been to or a place that you have just moved to, can be quite a frightening and memorable experience. Whenever our family moves to a new c... read more

Getting Lost in London
by RC, American School of Bombay
One day, three summers ago in London, while my dad had to go to his office. My mom, my sister and I decided to take a London tour bus. It was great day, with a blue sky, a warm sun and a cool breeze in the air. My dad left to his office in the morning, and shortly after we left our hotel r... read more

Going Back to My Dream Home
by A-S.D., American School of Bombay
One day I looked outside the window, and I saw the beautiful desert, brown, and gold with its beautiful animals everywhere, and 2 years later, I looked again out of the same window, and I see no desert, but I see something that crushed my heart into a million pieces. I was in Dubai, my dre... read more

Paradigm Shift
by C.B., American School of Bombay
“…And we were so high up, we were above telephone lines! It was so scary but it was exhilarating!” I explained, waving my hands around to exaggerate the height. My grandma gave a grunt of agreement, not taking her eyes of the road. A few strands of her light brown-grey hair fell in fron... read more

Lost in Heathrow Airport
by A.S., American School of Bombay
Can you imagine, I got lost in Heathrow airport (Ahhhhh)!!
It was about 5 years ago. I was on a flight to London with my dad. We had landed and everyone wanted to get out as fast as they could. I thought my dad and I could push in front and get out. I squeezed past everyone because I w... read more

My Memoir
by G.F, American School of Bombay
It was the most beautiful day, clear blue skies with a fresh breeze, but I felt sad because it would be the last one I would have with my friends in Taipei.
It was roughly around 3:05-3:10 in the afternoon school had just finished and I gave 2 of my 3 “Little sisters” one last hug an... read more

Living in Japan
by A.R.D, American School of Bombay
In the middle of May 2004 my family and I found out our lives were about to take a great turn. We were supposed to be moving to Newbury when my dad phones my mum and says… “Do you fancy moving a bit further east” mum replied “how much further?” Dad said “Japan”. Mum wanted to have a look s... read more

The Turning Point
by A.M.P., American School of Bombay
I woke up in the morning and got up 6:30, not knowing how big of a boulder was going to hit me. I looked outside my bedroom door and I saw my dad. He was reading the morning paper. He said good morning and told me that school was canceled because of bomb attacks in the south. I don’t remem... read more

Lost in the Hospital
by B.A., American School of Bombay
It was 2001 and I was at home in my country Kuwait and my family was there. My mom was with my brother. I went to check what happened, and my brother was very sick. So I told my grandfather and my grandmother that my brother was sick. I got outside and I walked to my car and waited. My bro... read more

Being the New Kid at School
by V.N., American School of Bombay
I stepped through the gates, thinking I would never come out alive. I heard languages I did not know. I could see classrooms and people that I never saw before: unfamiliar faces. I could not smell the familiar aroma of wet grass; instead I smelt the strong cleaning spray. These are things ... read more

My First Day of School
by GS, American School of Bombay
While I was in the car that was about to take me to my new school, I felt kind of nervous and excited at the same time. It’s always hard to be the new kid because you have to start all over again, and you have to learn the rules again, but also sort of fun because no one knows who you are.... read more

My Memoir
by R.G.P., American School of Bombay
“Here take it”, said my friend Kay “It will help you remember me”. “Okay”, I replied.
It was a green octagonal prism type of box which had a yellow cylindrical spongy bead with two holes on opposite sides. It was a unusual object that had been given from my friend to me. I didn’t b... read more

Indian Bridesmaid
by RPR, American School of Bombay
I was really excited and scared at the same time. What if I messed up? Well, there was no backing out now. I stepped out into the blinding light and wished myself luck. ***

My mom was taking forever on the phone. “What could be so important?” I thought. I mean, okay, my cousin... read more

Being the New Kid at the School
by RC, American School of Bombay
One of the scariest day of my life the first day of my new school. You may think it’s normal most of the kids don’t like school. But it is different I really like school. When I had recently moved to Mumbai and my parents were trying to find a school for me. Then heard about the American s... read more

by L.D.S.S., American School of Bombay
I could feel the salty taste of my tears running down my cheek. I hugged my best friend with all my might for she was leaving for good. You could tell by the look of her eyes that she felt really sad and miserable though she tried to look confident. She was leaving tomorrow, sixteen days ... read more

My First Day at ASB
by SB, American School of Bombay
As we get closer and closer I start to feel like frogs are jumping up and down in my tummy and my hands start to get really sweaty, like just after playing a long game of basketball! It is January 13 and as we pull up to my new school called ASB (American School of Bombay), I feel as if I ... read more

Locked out
by Tobechi N., American School of Bombay
Hello I am Toby and I have just experienced an adventure today, it was intense. If you’re one of those people who hate gymnastics, stretching and flexibility, you will soon find out its job in our day-to-day activities.

5:45pm, my friend Daniel told me he is going down stairs to... read more

The New Kid
by Karina T., -
Have you ever been the new kid at a school you have to go to, but you don't want to? Have you gotten to the point where you want to burst out crying when you don't know anybody? Well, I have and let me tell you that it was a very, but I mean very bad experience that actually turned out to ... read more

Leaving country (Korea to India)
by Shawn S., American School of Bombay
Dear Friends, Hey guys, how are you? Well, First I’d like to tell you guys about Mumbai. Because If you guys are visiting Mumbai. You guys have to be careful in some way.

So! Today is just exactly 1 year that I’ve lived in Mumbai. First, the area where I’ve lived called Pusan in... read more

Native Heart
by Hana H., American Int'l School of Zagreb
„Right, so now get into groups with these wonderful native Croatian students,” our teacher explained, squinting at us all with a big smile. It was a scorching day, one of those surely rare occasions where middle schoolers don’t feel like moving an inch, let alone socializing with complete... read more

My forgotten Bus Pass!
by B. R., International School of Dresden
Moving to Germany was quite a challenge, I must say. The language and rules were by far the most challenging. I was not able to communicate with anybody and I had no idea what their customs and rules were, nor had I known about the consequences!
My Mom brought me my first tram pass. I... read more

In the Center of a Bowl of Water Was...
by S.P., International School of Dresden
One night after just arriving in Germany, my family went out for dinner at a restaurant. My sister ordered goulash and my Dad asked for meat. I didn't know what to order, so I just closed my eyes and randomly picked something with my finger. I ordered where my finger landed and when it was... read more

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