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Contributions from kids

Welcome boys and girls. This is your site to write and read about how you and others feel as you travel the world. Good luck with your writing and enjoy!
- Marc Levitt

It's Difficult to Move
by Esther, YCIS Huangdou
Hi, I'm Esther, born in Singapore.
I've been to New Zealand and China. It was long ago when I came to China from New Zealand, I came to China when I was three. So I couldn't really remember what I was like by the time I just came here. Many people asked ... read more

How I Describe Where I Am From?
by Maximiliaan M., 11 years old, Graded, Sao Paolo
Being a Third Culture Kid can sometimes be pretty difficult. I have lived in many places like Belgium, Argentina, Brazil and USA. (Iíve lived in Belgium for 2 months right after I was born.) The good parts are you get to see new places, meet new people, do new things an... read more

My Moving Life
by Min Kyung S., 11 years old, Graded, Sao Paolo
My name is Min Kyung. I have lived in, Seoul, Korea for 5 years, moved to Tokyo, Japan and lived there for 5 years, came back to Seoul, Korea, lived for two and a half years, then moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I would like to tell you about having a third culture, and the... read more

Which Culture Do I Feel A Part Of?
by Isabelle E., 12 years old, Graded, Sao Paolo
Iíve only lived in Sweden and Brazil. Right now, Iím living in Brazil. Iíve lived in Sweden for about nine years, and Iíve lived here in Brazil for two and a half years.

I still feel like Iím a part of Sweden though. My family and I mostly speak Swedish at h... read more

What country do you feel part of and why?
by Tomas B., 11 years old, Graded, Sao Paolo
I was born in Michigan, USA in 2000 but i have also in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 6 years, and now I am living in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I feel that being a third culture boy feels sad and fun at the same time. You feel sad because you are not living in the place you were ... read more

What I Miss From Mexico
by Andy R., Graded, Sao Paolo
I believe what I miss the most from my country is the historical places in Mexico that I have visited. When I was young and I lived in my home country I visited those places rather often. Of course, only one of those places I visited just once, which makes it clear that... read more

The Plane Crash
by Zoe A.,
I can still remember the day when my dad came home and told me that we were going to move to Mexico. I was just sitting at home watching TV and it all happened so fast. Honestly, I was scared, I was scared just like the little red riding hood was in the forest. I liked ... read more

by J.P., Grade 5, Singapore World College
Home is a precious place
It's like a necklace of glistening diamonds and pearls
Its warmth, its coziness seems to follow me wherever I go

Moving house is
Like deserting a close friend
Or having your heart splintered into pieces
For da... read more

Why Moving can be Difficult
by By Jacob W., International Community School of Addis Ababa
Have you ever wondered what its like to travel around the world? Have you? Well? Itís stressful, lonely, and annoying. In the airport, you and your family are walking to your gate with over weight bags and a little attitude, looking at stores along the way. While... read more

Moving Around the World is Not So Easy
by By Nomonde N., International Community School of Addis Ababa
I used to think moving around the world would be adventurous. I used to think it would be thrilling to visit other countries, but now Iíve come to realize that moving is not so easy. Itís hard because itís lonely, disturbing, and when you are settling in, it is too e... read more

Moving Around the World is Not Always Easy
by By Nanseera W., International Community School of Addis Ababa
Imagine the movers taking all your things away, leaving your house bare. As you walk through your house you feel like a different person altogether. You and your family are moving to a country you've never been to, and to make it worse, you don't know anyone. Moving a... read more

Moving Is Not Much Fun
by By Pavitra C., Grade 5, International Community School of Addis Ababa
I use to think that moving was fun, but itís not always easy. My family has moved around the world a lot. We have lived in Zimbabwe, Kampala, the USA and Addis Ababa. When we move it is hard because I get lonely, it takes me time to settle into a new place, and moving t... read more

Feeling like a Stranger
by Landy, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
I use to live in Switzerland. Today I live in Madagascar because of my dadís business. I moved in Madagascar in 2004. I used to be very happy in Switzerland. I liked it a lot. I liked the houses, people, shops, schools (Iím not saying that I donít like the ASA) interior... read more

My special object
by Tyler, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
My dad gave me a book. Social Detective is title of the book. This book is really special to me. It tells me about good thoughts like how to play with others. This book is important because it helps me to do things expected. The book is green.

If I lost my sp... read more

Morocco Bear
by Aditi, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
Morocco Bear is very special to me because I have had him since I was 1 years old. His fur is soft and brown like toffee ice cream. He wears a white sweater. On it has the Moroccan flag that is red with a green 5-sided star and underneath it says Maroc (in French). I'v... read more

Good Bye to Friends
by Sneha, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
There is a girl who is really special to me. Her name is Nayana. She is really pretty and we spent lot of time together. She had small round eyes like balls and her face has a tarnish colour. We went on picnics and to the zoo. She came to my house and I went to her hou... read more

Were my family is, is my home
by Annabelle, Grade 5, American International School of Budapest
I have lived in many different countries but my favorite is definitely England. First I lived in Holland but that was only for two years. My parents are from Holland, that's why I always say I am from Holland. After living in Holland I lived in Germany for two and a ha... read more

My Sacred Object: Poppy
by Frances, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
I feel soft cotton when I touch her. Sheís the size of 2 fists, fat! She has a small head, eyes as black as crows and tiny curved ears. ĎSheí is a stuffed animal guinea pig named Poppy. Iíve had her since 2003. Hence, Iíve had her for 7 years. I chose her fr... read more

My Trip to the Philippines
by Matthew, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
I have a true story about going to the Philippines with my mum and dad.

One Saturday after school I was playing with my plastic dinosaurs (by the way I was three years old) when my mum and dad came in like a stampede of wild animals with a grin on their fa... read more

The Plane of Doom
by Oliver, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
The last time I went on a plane I was 8 years old. When we went to he airport a lady said that we were not allowed to go on the plane! My dad wanted to see his boss so he got his boss. The boss and my dad shouted at each other for a long time. The boss won.

... read more

My Friend Nicolas
by Krishna, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
I used to have a friend named Nicolas Rees-Toca. He was my best friend. Before, I had no friends and I was lonely. But then, I was friends with Nicolas. I used to get bullied everyday but when Nicolas was there he defended me. For example, once I was on the basketball c... read more

This good friend has Left
by Steve, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
Jack Spreng was my best friend in LAS (Leysin American School). LAS is a really cool summer school! Jack was my best friend for only three weeks. He is from the U.S. He was kind of the same height as me; he was 11 years old. I met him in 2008 when I was in the big vacat... read more

My Friend Matthew
by Claude, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
When I found out that Matthew was leaving it was like the end of the world! I was so miserable that I locked my self in my room and refused to eat because I was not hungry. Matthew had dark brown hair like dark chocolate and he had turquoise eyes. He is very energetic a... read more

My Friend Samuel
by Joel, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
I had a friend named Samuel Danton. He had a younger sister name Charlotte. She was in my class. When Samuel left I was sad. Most of the days of his last week, he slept over at my house. My brother and I organized a farewell party for him. He left December 11th 2009. At... read more

Goodbye to Friends
by Caroline, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
I had friends that had left me like an old sock. I think about them in my heart. Misa is an old friend. She has shiny black hair like little stars. She had dark brown eyes like night. She is really good at math and runs very fast. Her skin is soft and warm like a pillow... read more

by Sachit, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
ďAwwww, heís so cute!Ē thatís what you will think about Pooky when you see him. Pooky is a teddy bear. He has honey-brown fur and big, round olive Ė like eyes (without any brine or anything). He always smiles and he is round like a potato and heís chubby like a fat pers... read more

Good-bye to Ty
by Gabriel, Grade 5, American School of Antananarivo
When my friend left ďTyĒ I felt pretty bad. It wasnít a normal good bye because we were both leaving. We were at the Paris airport, saying good by and I was thinking that any moment now I would cry. I felt like someone took me and ripped me into pieces. It was like a ha... read more

Pinky Pie
by By A.N., Grade 4, American School of Bombay
Pinky pie my favorite toy.
She comes with me everywhere.
To America, Australia where ever I go.
But once I lost her While we were moving to Houston, Texas.

I could not find her. I was afraid they packed her away. I could not sleep without her... read more

Autobiographical Incident
by Christina L., American Int'l School of Zagreb
At the end of another intense day at summer camp, I lay in my bed in the dorm, comfortably snuggled between my sheets. Curled contentedly, I silently awaited the nightly check. Soon enough, it came: a quiet knock. Without even hesitating for an answer, the door creaked ... read more

My First Day at ASB
by Leah H., American School of Bombay
When the time comes for me to go to a new school, I'm not exactly what you would call brave. I always, always have trouble fitting in. I always, always need help finding the perfect friend. I always always feel alone. However, when I moved to ASB, my whole world changed... read more

by B. Y. B., American School of Bombay
I was in 2nd grade when my father went to India first to get settled and I would be going there later with my mother and my brother (who was in 4th grade) on Friday. On September 2006 Thursday, the day before leaving I went to Korean school as I normally did. Before th... read more

What I Brought own Country and Why?
by Sven B., American School of Bombay
I brought some peanut butter to India. Because I love peanut butter and I donít like the American peanut butter. The Dutch peanut butter is more smooth and tasty. I brought some soup too. It is tomato and chicken soup I like it because I like tomato soup and chicken s... read more

What I Took From My Home Country
by E.W. , American School of Bombay
Last time I went to my Home country (Holland) I took loads of chocolate with my. I am a big fan from chocolate because it is like a piece of heaven which is melting in your mouth. But I canít get normal chocolate in India. I just get Cadburry in India and that I donít l... read more

Lost on at Skiing
by M.J., Grade 3, American Int'l School of Zagreb
This year in February I went skiing in Filzmoos, Austria. One day I got lost, when I was with my group skiing through a forest passage. People were being pulled up by a t-lift in the little forest because they had to cross the passage. I knocked some people off an ancho... read more

My first day in the computer Lab
by D. L., International School of Monaco
I remember my first day in the computer lab with my group in class 1A. In the computer lab room everyone was playing with the computer except me. It was my first computer lesson ! The teacher didnít know how to speak French or Italian and I didnít speak English. I fe... read more

by K.C., Grade 3, American Int'l School of Zagreb
Holland is my favorite country because it is my home country. I lived there for one year. There is lots of food which I like - like chocolate sprinkles. I put a type of sausage on my sandwich, and there is this sort of mashed potatoes that is green and you eat it with a... read more

Stone Age Ax
by V.H., International School DŁsseldorf
I got my stone ax last year from my grandpa who found it together with some other axes, arrows and tools as he was younger. He found an arrow, while peeing into a bush because there was no toilet nearby. But that is not mine. I consider it so special, take it everyw... read more

My Stuffed Doggy
by S.H., Grade 3, American Int'l School of Zagreb
I take my stuffed doggy to every country and place I visit. It is white with black spots and very cute and clean. Wherever I go I put him in my bag and when itís my bedtime I put him on my bed. He has traveled to many countries and continents. Once when we were in Engla... read more

My Blanket
by J.G., Grade 3, American Int'l School of Zagreb
I will never forget the first day I got my blanket. I got it when I was three years old, and I slept with it for six years. My mom gave me the blanket. I got it for my birthday. I carried it wherever I go except at school, of course. I sleep with it every night. But onc... read more

Favorite Thing to Take With Me
by L.M., Grade 3, American Int'l School of Zagreb
You know what I take with me everywhere? - my little monkey. His name is Chip. My little monkey has white fur. When we visit places I take him and with me when we moved to China I took him with me. He is my best monkey. I bought him when I was two years old. He has been... read more

My Suitcase
by H.K., Grade 3, American Int'l School of Zagreb
I like my suitcase because itís shaped like a ladybird and I have a wash bag thatís shaped like a ladybird too. They actually go together. I like ladybirds. If I would lose my suitcase, I wouldnít have a suitcase at all anymore. Before I got my suitcase I had to share a... read more

My Necklace
by E.P., Grade 3, American Int'l School of Zagreb
I have something that is very precious to me. It is a necklace that my friend Anastasia gave me in 2008. I was seven and a half years old when I got it. The necklace is silver and has two hearts on it. One of the hearts is a diamond. I never take my necklace off because... read more

Trudi, Grade 3
by A.K., American Int'l School of Zagreb
It was one summer day in Zagreb and the leaves were falling from trees which was quite strange. I was resting on the balcony, reading a book. The next day was the first day of vacation. My family was going on a trip to Graz, Austria. My mom had a baby in her tummy, so s... read more

The Return
by Sara F., Frankfurt International School
I walked down the streets of my home town.
Feeling the wind in my hair,
The cold rain hitting my face.
I was happy to be back.
For I had waited so long.
Waiting for the time to pass.
Waiting for this feeling I now had.

B... read more

A Cold Day in Dresden!
by Sofia, Dresden International School
One evening, my father's telephone rang. He picked it up and when he finished talking I asked who it was, but he didn't answer. After a while, he asked me and asked if I would like to move to a new country. I said, "Yea, but it depends on which one". He looked at me and... read more

Leaving is Hard
by M. B., Monterey
I have a lot of experience with moving and leaving my friends behind. I do not want to leave friends, because when I live in a place for a period of time I get attached to my friends. I like the feeling of being settled and knowing my neighborhood. When I do have to mov... read more

Visiting Korea
by You-Young C., Frankfurt International School
I came to Germany when I was in 6th grade and last winter, I visited to Korea.
I saw lots of differences between three years ago and last year when I visited there. My friends, my house, my school teachers, and all places changed slightly. I miss so much about origi... read more

The New Kid
by Karina T. , -
Have you ever been the new kid at a school you have to go to, but you don't want to? Have you gotten to the point where you want to burst out crying when you don't know anybody? Well, I have and let me tell you that it was a very, but I mean very bad experience that act... read more

A Longer Life Story...a Good, Not a Bad Thing
by Molly K. L., Istanbul International Community School
My name is Molly Kelly Lewis. I was born in Budapest and lived there for five years. I then moved to Vietnam for three years. I'm now in my third year of living in Istanbul, Turkey. My Mum is Irish and Catholic and my Dad is English (although he grew up in South Africa)... read more

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